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In the state of Florida, title insurance can be issued by a practicing attorney. While the costs are typically the same for both attorneys and title companies, having a lawyer to look over all documents can greatly benefit your closing process. By law, the title company is limited to certain type of services and actions, crippling the amount of assistance they can provide a homebuyer or business owner. On top of that, if personal property is included in the transaction, the company will not be able to prepare a bill of sale. Most importantly, a title company representative cannot provide extensive legal advice or guidance.

When you retain a Tallahassee real estate lawyer from our Firm, you can rest assured that we will provide all the last minute legal advice you need to have peace of mind about your transaction. Our goal is to help you get the proper title insurance so that you may close the deal in a quick and efficient manner, saving you time and money. We will also help you think through the how to title your property, creating a plan that will help you avoid probate or future taxes. Having an attorney you can trust standing by also allows you to make last minute modifications, adjustments, and extension agreements. From tax advice, to basic closing practices, our lawyers will walk you through every step of your transaction process. If for any reason there were issues with the title, our legal team is prepared to provide the needed assistance, even litigation support when necessary.

Why do I need title insurance?

Property purchases are important decisions, which is why having the proper protection is crucial. Many homeowners or businessmen regret not having insurance on their investment, especially with such a high price tag. It is helpful for an attorney to perform a title search, which includes searching:

  • Deeds
  • Court Records
  • Property Indexes
  • Name Indexes

This allows your lawyer to determine what the current owner has the right to sell you, avoiding any future litigation matters. With title insurance, your purchase and decision is protected against fraud, legal confusion, or clerical errors. It will also protect you from any historical claims on your property, meaning that you as a property owner cannot be held liable for any hidden restrictions against the property. Any claims made against your property will be defended by the title insurance company attorneys-unless claims are proven valid-which will typically lead to reimbursement. Let our skilled real estate attorneys look over your title insurance and closing documents before you endure long lasting buyer's remorse!

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